Today, I’m going to start cleaning out my storage unit and move things into my new apartment. I won’t be completely able to actually survive living there until the 1st of September, though…money is TIGHT…to say the least. August has been the hardest month so far when it comes to my finances because I really had to help my son get an apartment so as not to be homeless….but that’s a story for another post…I think I’ll title it “the things we do for our children but would never even think about asking anyone to do it for us…”

So in thinking about my storage unit, I likened it to the way we store our experiences and how if we don’t clean them out, we will constantly pay a fee for keeping things that will help us move on (once we address it) locked up in our mental storage.

I’ll be starting therapy soon so that I can clean out my mental  and emotional storage and so I can work towards being a better me.

I have a lot of hurt from this relationship and from my past. Things that reared their ugly heads when I reunited with my son. Things I locked away because they hurt so badly. Things that caused me to get unhealthily attached to my kids dad. Things that made me walk away from him and set me on this journey. Things that I am so not proud of ….you get my drift?

I now know that holding those things in storage have stunted my emotional and mental growth and I’m looking forward to delving into them and exercising them for good!

I’m gonna get my SunShyn back…



One thought on “Storage

  1. You are taking great strides to a healthy way of living. You may hate therapy at first but don’t miss an appointment. With the right therapist, you can clean up that musty storage place for good. ((hugs))

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