I’m a bit disappointed in my kids today. I guess parents get that way at times. They seem so callous and disaffected to me right now. So unconcerned about anybody else except themselves.

My youngest daughter was in for the last week. The only time she made an effort to spend any time with me was when she needed something.

My 2nd son, who I haven’t seen in over 2 months was in this weekend. I maybe saw him for an hour…tops…but of course, he doesn’t hesitate to ask me to do things for him.

My oldest daughter owes me money…bet you she didn’t make an effort to see me at all this weekend….

I swear….I say I’m done, but you know that I will do what ever they need to make sure they’re ok…even though it may be to my detriment…

Oh yea, did I mention, that I am trying to get moved into my apartment…and NOBODY seems to want to help mama….

I created these monsters….



2 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Sometimes we don’t ask for what we want? We assume others are on board with us. Kids are in a league of their own, sometimes you have to remind them, Momma needs a little help. Good Luck 🙂

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