Wow…its been a while…

I thought when I started this blog, it would be easy to update and keep up with…

Not true…I seem to get distracted too easily…lol…

Well, I guess its time for an update, huh?

I had the most AWESOME Christmas ( I told you its been a while 😉 )

I was reunited with my birth son! (see this post) AND I found I am a grandmother to the most beautiful 3-year old in the world!

My son found me by doing a Google search, go figure, once his dad finally gave him my whole name. He found me the same day, a few hours later.

He left me a voice mail at work and his voice was so shaky and nervous sounding. I cried, he said “I think  you are my birth mom.”

I am…I cried, and cried…I almost got in trouble at work because I totally screwed up this newsletter I was putting together… what…I had my son back

I am ecstatic and I’m planning to visit him for his Birthday in June.

He’s calling me “Mom” already and I couldn’t be happier ( I guess I’ve expressed that already, haven’t I?)

Now, his finding me has opened up a whole hell of a lot of old wounds and made me extremely reflective on my past. I know that so many things and decisions I made were truly just because I was young and very, very naive. I really don’t have regrets, but, I see my journey from there to here and wonder why it took so long for me to learn my lessons.

My current situation is still no better and I am so embarrassed that he had to find me in this predicament…but he says he understands and I believe he does.

Things are changing and I’m no longer willing to accept what I have always pushed to background.

Thank you God for giving me my son back and letting me know that I am truly loved, unconditionally, by my children.

There is more to come, but I gotta get back to work now.



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