Returning to me

Well, that last post, about withstanding potholes? Yea, well, the last one I hit did some major damage so I think it’s time to take her in for an overhaul.

Realizing that I am stronger and deserve more, I am resolving to change my situation. First with accepting that I cannot change the person who I am with, but I can change how I deal with him.

I found that I started censoring who I am to be with him and had begun to lose myself.

I was wallowing in what I couldn’t change, now I am going to revel in making myself to be the person I know I am, inside, and not what he wants outside…

I began to repress my feelings for the sake of not causing arguments or stress…but it was beginning to eat away at me…

I was becoming depressed…snapping at the kids, staying in bed, dropping off my diet…all because I was suppressing who I truly am.

No longer…No more self-abuse, no more self-doubt.

No more pretending…

I love ME, damn everything else…


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