Without potholes?

What is life with out potholes? Weird sentence, eh?

I mean what would life be if it were a constantly smooth ride? How would we learn to adjust to obstacles? How would we know if we are strong enough to withstand a bumpy ride, if we can absorb the shock?

This I know, life would be boring without those bumps in the road, and, we would learn nothing simply coasting along.

While the scenery may be beautiful, at times it becomes monotonous. Potholes make us keep our eyes on the road and our minds sharp, they keep us aware of our surroundings.

So, don’t be mad if you hit one, it’s just reminding you that you need to focus to avoid the next one…

That’s what I’m going through now, a street with quite a few potholes, I’m absorbing the shock and focusing on what’s to come.

It’s not easy, but I can withstand it…



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