I wrote this a few years ago when I was sitting up waiting for that “man” to come home, but it seems an appropriate repost for me today. I posted it before on my old Vox, but I can’t find it, I made some edits, but I can’t remember what they were, so here it is in its original format… 

As dawn breaks I sit here pondering the reality of life.

Is it really what I see?

Does I really matter?

Do I really make a difference?

Or do I just take up space?

Is there a reason why I can’t enjoy each day?

Why don’t I realize it’s a gift?

A gift to be savored with each breath I take?

If I could just open my eyes to the wonder around me.

The walking miracles called Humans.

Just take a look at all that has been created from virtually nothing.

If I could just take a look at the brilliance and the intensity of every thing around me
and be amazed at everything I see.

Some people say that you should deprive yourself of the beauty around you, that you should deny yourself of the pure pleasure of being, that you should feel only one way or another.


Isn’t individuality what causes creativity,
in turn,
creates what is beautiful around us?

The reality of life is just that, it is.

And I am learning to be thankful for just that.

It is.

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2 thoughts on “Meditations

  1. I appreciate this meditation. I often get wrapped up in the blues and forget to notice the beauty around me. Thanks for reminding me that each day is a gift. I'll come back to this meditation often.

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