Our Story, Pt 2

 And she steps out of the door to hug me telling me she was my mother. At first I was shocked beyond belief. Who would have thought that she would be in the same place after all of those years? She went to hug me and at first I froze.

I wasn’t expecting to meet her.

I thought I had a little more time to figure out what I would say but nope, the moment was here.

She took me into the house and downstairs to her space. I barely remember what she said to me anymore because my heart was thumping so loud.

All I could think of was that my father was going to kill me because this was one of the endeavors he never wanted me to take.

One of the things that I do remember is that she told me I had a sister, something I always wanted. When I heard the door open, and the sounds of little feet I actually panicked.

I think she called my sis downstairs and when I first got a look at her my heart dropped.

Here was the other half that I had always known existed, but was never quite able to get to. She looked at me and I looked at her. I can’t adequately describe what it feels like to find the other half of you. To this day I am still amazed that she is here, and I can actually call her when I’m having a bad day or anything.

Sorry, I digress.

Momma told me how to reach my father, and gave me his number. When I called and asked to speak to Ronald, his wife said “Taja”…when I said no, the other one I remember the silence.

She dropped the phone and ran off to get him. When he answered it seemed like he had expected me to call one day. But, he is not essential to this story so back to my sis.

It seems like so long ago I gained a sister, two nieces and a nephew, and another mother. I found out that I had another  aunt, two uncles and a grandfather. It was so much more than I was looking I was looking for. And, I don’t regret it for one moment. Although it caused a huge disruption on one side of my family, I gained another. And sometimes I am not comfortable with all of the extra people, I am absolutely thrilled with my sis and the not so little ones.

I can’t live without them.

I know this is not enough, but I can't really think at the moment. Sometimes, I can't remember anything besides Momma opening the door.

To be continued…

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