The Day After

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 42. No, I am not one that cares if anybody knows how old I am. I don't look it, neither do I act my age. This I give to my kids and my family genes.

Today is a relaxing day so far, my daughter needed to get her hair done for the first day of school…she's getting a hair cut, finally, she realized that her hair breaking was not a good look, regardless of how long it is.

So, I'm sitting in the salon with her now while she gets it done. And on that point, you know this is not a black shop, right? We won't work on holidays like this, but the egyptians? You better believe that they are gonna get that money…and at $75 a head…they are bringing in the bucks on the day before school.

I'm actually recovering from my weekend today, and tomorrow…I don't go back to work until Wednesday, so I have a nice long break from the office.

Friday was the first day of celebrations, me and my sis got our hair done and I got my eyebrows waxed…she actually lightened my brows and I like them a lot, they are so dark usually, that it freshens my look, a lot…

Then we had a late lunch, burgers at Poag Mahone's, damn thing was so big that I didn't eat again until Saturday afternoon…even after 5 Effen Black Cherry and Sprite's and 2 shots of Patron. That burger soaked up all the alcohol…lol.

We met up with one of my co-worker's niece and she had some guys meet us at the second spot we went to. Bad News. Turns out that they both were drug dealers and I was done…by the time we go to the third place to dance, I was like its time to ditch these guys…

The little one, yeah, he was a little snot and he kept kissin on my girl…but she let him, so who am I, right? She was drinking Merlot and she was gone…lol…but she and her niece left with them, I had to say no, I couldn't make myself leave with them…I called her on Saturday and her drunk ass said she didn't even remember his name…damn shame..but as long as she was ok, I was good…

Saturday, I spent out with my kids getting done with school shopping for my daughter and getting our nails done. First we had a late breakfast, then the mall. Then grocery shopping.

Then, right about when I was getting ready to go to bed, they brought out my birthday cake. My kids didn't want me to have to share with his family on my birthday…isn't that special?

Yesterday? On my birthday? I didn't really do much, lazed around, then my oldest daughter came over with my gift…she got me a Dooney! I was so surprised! She got me that and a digital picture frame.

We went to his sister's for the holiday and ate and listened to music. I enjoyed my kids and his family and the weather was beautiful. I won't even mention the negatives, I am just grateful that my kids love me.

Today? I'm just basically relaxing…gonna go home and make spaghetti  for dinner and just chill…maybe make a margarita. who wants to join me?


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4 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend with your kids. You deserve a special few days to celebrate your birthday!*hugs* Oh, and i'll take a margarita, please 😉

  2. Happy LATE but not forgotten birthday my dear! Its nice to know that we are loved and we don't get to see it often but on these special days it just hits the spot! LOVE the purse wishing for some cake but most of all you looked FABU!

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