Wine Candy! Jolly Rancher green apple is my all-time favorite!

Remember going to the penny candy lady? Wine candies, Now and Laters (that never made it to later), bubble gum, chews, Sugar Daddy’s and pickles with a peppermint stick in the middle!

Memories of sticky fingers and sunny summer days of childhood just plastered a silly smile on my face…share some of your memories with me!


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5 thoughts on “Smile

  1. We used to get Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy and Atomic Fireballs from 7-11. But from the candy lady we got Now and Laters, Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads, Alexander the Grape, etc. I remember Pixy Stix too.From the summer time though, I remember icebergs as well called them. There was one lady that put a lot of sugar in hers so there was a sweet syrupy film on top of frozen treat. You'd mostly likely end up with sticky fingers AND a stick face after eating one. Her icebergs where in great demand so many times she wouldn't have any when we went there; then we'd have to settle for the no-so-good ones from the lady across the street.

  2. ooooooh…lemme see. in NYC, we had:lemonheads, grapeheads, boston baked beans, jaw breakerslik-m-aids, bomb-pops, sunflower seeds, swedish fishwise & bonton barbeque potato chips and potato stixquarter waters, 50 cent sodas, now & laters, sugar babies…i could go on and on! i miss those days…are we really that old??

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